About us

Safinine-hubsalt is a child brand of “Safinine” company established for the import of Himalayan salt, glorious for providing premium quality of various grades created and processed within the most advanced and latest methods.

Why Us?

We Are Extremely Good At What We Do

All Safinine Hubsalt products are refined in factory in steps with strict principles of food safety and hygiene. Our concentration on preventing even the foremost remote chance of cross-contamination of all salty food products is exemplary and has given us a unique place within the industry.

Our Approach​

We Understand Business

A client in need of 1 bag of gourmand salt for his or her haute-cuisine is as necessary to us as a bulk customer that orders multiple containers each month. Our specialization in customer satisfaction has earned us several loyal followers that are spoilt on our skilled customer services.

We Care About What We Do

There are not any chemicals or artificial additives utilized in the assembly of all edible grades of salts created at our manufacturers’ facilities, creating our food salt product utterly natural and organic. These healthy salts are most fascinating for health-conscious customers and style nice simply in their original natural form.